Instigating a "Mental Revolution"

Military Coup Or Violent Revolution Imminent In Nigeria – Balarabe Musa

Former Governor of old Kaduna State and the national Chairman of Conference of Nigerian Political Parties, CNPP, Alhaji Balarabe Musa has warned that the nation runs the risk of a military coup or a violent revolution if the present leadership of the country fails to urgently convoke a sovereign national conference that will address the various problems confronting the country.

He gave the warning today in a paper entitled, “Towards Enthroning and Sustaining Democratic Practices and Ethos In Our Polity,” delivered at the 2012 law week organized by the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Kaduna branch. The former governor said many Nigerians are daily losing hope in civilian rule because majority of the people are denied their rights to have a say on national issues by the nation’s political leaders.

He said the only way to avert a military takeover or violent revolution is for the current national leadership to organize Sovereign National Conference which possesses lesser risks than the danger the present situation portends.

He regretted that the country is currently under dictatorship rather than democratic governance, stressing that the political system in the present circumstance is a mere semblance of democracy.

In his words: “We must remember that because of the continuing negative state of the nation, the regimes of Abacha, Babangida and Obasanjo conducted and controlled national conferences in their own individual styles with only marginal role for the sovereign people of Nigeria. They failed to correct anything.

“If the national conferences to be established, conducted and controlled by the sovereign people of Nigeria cannot hold, then Nigeria runs the risk of undemocratic forces taking over political power as happened many times in the past, or even a social revolution qualitatively superior and more effective than the present Arab spring in the form of Sovereign National Conference which must proceed with a revolutionary struggle to establish a new reality of power to replace the existing one and establish an interim administration to conduct, direct and control the conference which can review and renew Nigeria.

“Only the people of Nigeria are sovereign and they can assert their sovereignty when there is no peaceful alternative. The sovereign people of Nigeria constitute all Nigerians aged 18 years and above who are registered voters and are entitled to be registered as voters.

“There are risks in both National conferences and Sovereign National Conference, but the risks of continuing like this and the political adventure involved are greater.

“Those who realize the risks and fear them and still want the National conferences or the Sovereign National Conference must be good in reducing or even eliminating the risks. That is what other leaders in other countries that achieved or are achieving greatness did and are doing.

“Why should Nigeria be different and pathetic? The present work of amending the 1999 constitution by the National Assembly lacks credibility and the possibility of solving the problems of the negative state of the nation.

“A big and complex third world country like Nigeria cannot afford to rely on the unconstitutional leading role of the private sector to even reach the take-off stage of economic development because of the particular character of the Nigerian private enterprise such as inexperience, immorality, greed and parasitism.

“During the colonial rule of Britain in Nigeria and the first Republic, because of the leading role of public interest, there was more nationalism, patriotism, credibility, quality leadership, and performance even though resources were meager and the system controlling all developments was colonial, semi-feudal, and conservative. The ruling classes consciously protected the system that gave birth to and sustain them unlike the present bourgeois ruling class.

“What we have in Nigeria has nothing to do with democracy. It is a combination of narrow self interest, dictatorship and anarchy. We have civilian rule instead of military rule, and it is this civilian rule which we wrongly call and regard as democracy. As preferable as civilian rule is, it is not democracy because it can be more irrelevant and dictatorial than military rule.

“If democracy cannot be achieved under the present circumstances of Nigeria because of the dictatorial control by and resistance of the revolutionary and corrupt ruling class which is leading the country to failure and destruction, then the only peaceful alternative for bringing about correctims and desired changes is for the Sovereign people of Nigeria to assert themselves and conduct a National conference with the active and patriotic support of all the three arms of government who are now aware of the desperate state of the nation and their failure to cope and avoid class suicide.”

Courtesy  iREPORTS

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