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Buhari, Tinubu political liabilities – Jonathan

Tinubu and Buhari - leaders of ACN and CPCPresident Goodluck Jonathan, yesterday reacted to criticism of his government by opposition leaders during the national convention of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, last week in Lagos, dismissing them as people who do not have what it takes to move the nation forward.

The president who spoke through his Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe, at a press conference in Lagos condemned the ‘penchant’ of opposition leaders to denigrate the government and the nation, and assured that the government will not be distracted by their ‘empty’ criticisms in its unrelenting drive to transform the nation’s social, economic and political landscape.


PDP Suffers From Selective Amnesia – Tinubu

National leader of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN,and former governor of Lagos state, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has asked the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to take the warning of former head of state, Gen.Mohammed Buhari as the gospel truth or plunge the country into violent protests in 2015.

He equally accused PDP of suffering from selective amnesia by its claim that he(Tinubu) endorsed Goodluck Jonathan’s presidential win as free and fair.

According to Tinubu, “the federal ruling party should address the challenge Gen. Buhari has thrown: organise a free, fair and transparent election and everything would be well. But try and skew the vote, and face sure disaster.”

Reacting to Olisa Metuh, the PDP national publicity secretary’s claim that Tinubu endorsed President Jonathan’s election at a lecture he gave at Chatham House, London, Sunday Dare, Tinubu’s special adviser on Media, accused the PDP of wilful mischief, as Tinubu’s statement was “deliberately” quoted out of context.

Mr. Metuh was reacting to the ACN support for Gen. Buhari’s warning that dire consequences awaited the polity if elections were rigged in 2015.

But putting the records straight, Dare insisted that though Tinubu said he thought Jonathan won the election, his tally was exaggerated, thus casting a slur on the integrity of his victory.

Tinubu was said to have declared in the Chatham House speech, on 18 July 2011: “I believe Jonathan won the election but that the returns attributed to him in some parts of the country obviously appeared exaggerated. Thus, celebrating the election as free and fair might lead to INEC beating its chest and might short-circuit the process of fundamental electoral reform. We must not relent in our struggle for fundamental reforms.”

The rest of the statement today reads that:”In that same speech, Asiwaju Tinubu had warned about the danger of draping the 2011 elections in qualities they did not deserve, adding that such false hope could come back to haunt Nigeria, if future elections were not improved upon, saying that by then, the damage might even be beyond the judiciary to fix.

“Again, direct quotes from the speech: “The negative consequence of this inflated measure is that the bar has been set too low for the conduct of subsequent elections. Those in power now believe they will not have to improve the process. This would be a gross miscalculation of the public mood. Should subsequent elections be of the same uneven quality, I fear a backlash that cannot simply be contained by resort to the judiciary for resolution.”

The statement “wondered how all these were different from what Gen. Buhari said; and how a party out of touch with reality and just throwing political tantrums, could claim Tinubu’s analysis of the 2011 elections amounted to endorsing Jonathan’s elections.”

“But even on the so-called international observers’ endorsement, Tinubu had warned, in this same speech, that such endorsement was hasty, misleading and did not represent the true picture of the situation.

“The 2011 elections were not of the high quality the government and many international observers proclaimed. In a way, international observers have done Nigeria a disservice that will become apparent in the future. The observers did not see what took place before Election Day or what happened in rural Nigeria. More importantly, most observers ended their day as the sun set and the polling stations closed,” Tinubu had said. “They ended their watch just as the agents of malpractice would begin their craft. Observers made a broad final conclusion based on a thin filament of information. They judged a complicated play solely by viewing one of its several acts”, it added.

It cautioned PDP against muddling up facts for political mischief and counselled it to devote more time to reading the full Chatham House speech, instead of quoting it out of context to confuse and confound unsuspecting Nigerians.

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